Here at the Oatnet Store, we love oats. If you’re reading this, we would guess you like them a little too. But if you need some convincing, if you’re having your doubts, if you’re wondering what’s in oats for you…we’re here to tell you everything you need to know.

We're not the type to boast, but we do like to think we have the best oats in the world up here in Finland. You can already read all about what makes nordic oats special and we'll tell you next week how we ensure our gluten free oats are thoroughly free of gluten. But every oat is special. 

oat field

Just how super can a super food be? The key benefits of consuming oats include lower blood cholesterol, improved digestion and nice, smooth blood sugar levels. There's loads of fibre in there and slow release, "good carb" energy, but the ace up our sleeve is beta glucan. That's not to mention all of the vitamins and minerals present in any healthy whole grain.

When your tasty oatmeal bowl gets all nice and creamy, that's beta glucan. It's a soluble form of fibre, which has been proven to help lower cholesterol absorption. "How does that happen?" you ask. Beta glucan dissolves into a gel, sweeping through your digestive tract and carrying away any excess cholesterol hanging around in there.

If your digestive system is a bit out of whack generally, what’s the simplest of solutions? Up you fibre intake. We don't want to sound like you're mother but, yes, you're probably not getting enough fibre in your diet. Oats provide a good dose of roughage, insoluble fibre that helps everything ticking over efficiently in your body. It's found particularly in the outer layer of minimally processed cereals.

oatmeal bowl with blueberries

Last, but certainly not least, the slow release carbohydrates in oats can help smooth blood sugar levels, giving you long lasting energy and keeping your mood even. What better way to start the day - concentrate on making a wonderful bowl of delicious porridge and keep your focus on the things that matter.

If oats are so good for you (and delicious too!), why don’t we eat more? Maybe we’re not making enough tasty oat products? Well, all of you Oat Fans can look out for snack bars coming next week! They're exclusively available here at the Oatnet Store.


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