Oats are a type of grain that can be incorporated easily into any diet. Vegan diets are one we highly recommend to incorporate oats because of the array of benefits it provides. It can sometimes seem limiting to commit to a lifestyle diet. However, if you are well informed, it’s a great way to get creative and learn about other substitute foods that can give your body all the nutrients it needs.

Oats are known as being a slow-releasing energy source. Other types of carbs may satisfy cravings but they don’t tend to do much for keeping energy levels high. Whereas some may be getting that energy from eggs or meat, oats are a great alternative that can help you stay focused throughout the day.

Oats also help with zinc levels, which are beneficial for your immune system, eye sight and having healthy hair, skin and nail. Oats, especially gluten-free oats, can be easier for the digestion system compared to alternatives like legumes or wheat-based foods. They also have a good source of fiber which helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels.

 At 17 grams per 100g serving, oats have a decent amount of protein but the quality of protein is what really makes it a winner. To incorporate more protein you can add nuts, seeds and legumes into, for example, your porridge or baking. This way you get more complete protein levels.

 So, this all sounds great but you may be wondering how exactly you can incorporate oats into your diet without all the hassle. Well, lucky for you, oats come in all shapes and sizes and all different forms. Easiest way would be oatmeal, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Add extra nuts and seeds for a savory and protein filled approach or an overnight matcha green tea bowl for a fast breakfast option. Oats can also be found in flour form, so if you enjoy baking they’re a great substitute for traditional grain flour. You can also find (or make) snack bars that are a great pick-me-up throughout the day.


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