Changing to a gluten-free diet means many changes to your diet. If you follow a gluten-free diet, you cannot eat any cereals containing gluten, including for example wheat, rye or barley. However, you do not need to give up on all cereals, just remember to choose cereals that are naturally gluten-free and manufactured in gluten-free facilities.

Oats are a great choice for a gluten-free diet. Oats are naturally gluten-free and have other health benefits as well. Oats contain beta glucan which is good for example the heart.

Adding pure oats to a gluten-free diet makes it easier to follow because the oats bring more variety and taste to the diet.  The use of pure oat products makes cooking at home easier as they are tasty and suitable for the whole family.

What are pure oats?

Pure oats are oats that haven't been in contact with gluten cereals at any point during the production process. As such, normal oats are not pure oats, so remember to always check that your oats are 100% gluten-free. For example, our Provena oat products are always 100% pure oats.

Want ideas how to use oats in cooking and baking? Check out our selection of gluten-free recipes!


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